Smoke and Gloves (24 hour streaming access)


The first part of this clip involves lots of cock smoking, cock popping (you’ll know what that is once you watch the clip) ball biting and ass fingering. Unfortunately, James wasn’t really up for it, so Tina grabbed her King Cock and took matters into her own hands…

The clip finishes with Tina pummeling herself with her favourite toy with a nice squirting orgasm at the end – rarely seen but very sexy. An all-round smoking hot clip.

Desperation 1 (24 hour streaming access)


A classic desperation clip. James locks Tina outside on the balcony just as Tina tells James she needs to pee. Tina has no choice but to stand around and wait for James to let her in which he does, but, a little too late. Visit us and our hot cam models on

Massage Girl Unloads (24 hour streaming access)


After a hard days work, there is nothing more relaxing than an exotic massage by a beautiful Asian girl. James is no stranger to the local RnT shops back home, but where he is staying at the moment, there is no such kind. So James asked Tina to set up shop and work her magic. Tina gets to work liberally, applying oil over James’s hairy body. Before too long, James is sporting a hard-on, and Tina can’t resist putting his throbbing hard boner in her mouth. Naturally, this progresses to a scorching hot, oily fuck session ending with James unloading his special sauce into Tina’s tight pussy. The video ends with a fountain of sperm following the cock withdrawal in spectacular fashion.

Give Me Your Cock (24 hour streaming access)


James is busy working on his laptop when Tina decides to interrupt him with an impromptu cock request. It doesn’t take a lot of convincing before James submits to Tina’s unexpected booty call and before he knows it he’s getting his jeans unzipped and his cock serviced by Tina’s freshly painted lips. Tina takes the lead (as usual), and a hot cowgirl / reverse cowgirl cock riding session begins. Tina impresses us with various positions while James doesn’t let down with a constant rock hard boner that’s up there with the best.
The steamy couple finishes with a modest but definite creampie on display and Tina rubbing one out to produce a delightful pussy squirt. Vanilla style and arguably the sexiest TinaJamesXXX vid to date. If you want to see how these two turn up the heat the old fashioned way, then this one’s for you.

Natures Nectar (24 hour streaming access)


Sweet golden nectar. Nothing excites this crazy couple more than a voyeur pee clip involving risky outdoor behaviour. So they made one of their own.

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